In today's fast-paced society, we want everything now. Throughout the years, more and more people have become impatient. Since the arrival of the internet, as a culture, we've come to expect almost everything to be given to us fast.

We want to find love and happiness fast, a good job fast, the ability to make lots of money fast, the items we order online be delivered to us fast, and yes, even the food we eat, needs to be served to us fast!

That is one of the reasons why fast-food restaurants continue to be so popular. In today's world, almost everyone is going 110mph, we get pressed for time and we need things like food now!

Hence the reason fast food chains are a staple of the restaurant industry all over the country.

Did you know fast food restaurants actually became a big thing back in the 50s and 60s once America began to roll out its highway system? Americans needed a quick pit stop if you will, once they hit the highway on their long drawn-out journeys across the country.

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That's why you see so many fast food stops like McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, and countless others scattered up and down America's interstate highways. Not only are we in a rush to get where we're going, but we're also in a rush to find something to eat along the way.

Like most states, South Dakota has its fair share of fast food chains. We seem to have all the majors covered, and a few fast-food stops, that are not found in every state, a great example, is Taco Johns.

I have a friend that lives in California, every time he comes back to Sioux Falls for visit, he has two immediate stops once he gets off the plane, one to Taco Johns for Potato Olés. He needs his fix of that crunchy potato goodness. The other, is to a B&G Milky Way, for a couple of those super delicious Sloppy Joe's sandwiches. Both of which are not available in his home state of California.

Like most states, South Dakota has a few fast-food joints that are unique to the state, and then of course like every state we have most of the usual suspects.

A website called Stacker compiled a list of South Dakota's most common fast-food restaurants. They assembled the list by using data secured from Friendly City Lab at Georgia Tech.

The list ranks the number of fast-food locations throughout the state of South Dakota as of the year 2021. Granted this number has changed a bit, following the aftermath of the pandemic. COVID forced the closure of a number of restaurants throughout the country, so this current restaurant count might not be completely accurate at the moment. But at the time the data was secured, it showed there were 1,824 restaurants in South Dakota, of that number, 835 were fast-food chains.

South Dakota's Favorite Fast Food #1 Subway
Google Maps

Of the different fast food stops in South Dakota, Subway reigned supreme. Data showed there are (94) different Subway locations located throughout the state making it South Dakota's #1 fast food restaurant.

South Dakota's Favorite Fast Food #2 Dairy Queen
Google Maps

#2 is DQ! According to Stacker, there are (38) Dairy Queen locations scattered throughout the Rushmore State. Dairy Queen is the state's second-largest fast-food chain. I guess South Dakota loves its blizzards, and not just during the winter months!

South Dakota's Favorite Fast Food #3 Taco Johns
Google Maps

#3 is the aforementioned Taco Johns, with (37) different South Dakota locations. Never underestimate the allure of Super Nachos and Potato Olés with the average South Dakotan.

South Dakota's Favorite Fast Food #4 Pizza Hut
Google Maps

At #4 is Pizza Hut, with (31) South Dakota locations. Now I personally find this hard to believe. Not that I have anything against Pizza Hut pizza, it's one of my go-to pizza places, it just seems like there are not many dine-in Pizza Hut restaurants left to be found. Here in Sioux Falls, I am pretty sure all the Pizza Hut locations are either take-out or delivery now. COVID helped to put the kibosh on the Pizza Hut dine-in experience in this city and many others, sorry to say.

South Dakota's Favorite Fast Food #5 McDonald's
Google Maps

Finally, at #5, Mickey D's. The golden arches of McDonald's are an institution of fast food goodness in every state across the country, and South Dakota is no exception. At last check, we have (27) different McDonald's restaurants located throughout the state. The Big Mac and a side of golden fries continue to satisfy many a hungry appetite daily all over South Dakota.

I would be remiss if I did not give an honorable mention to Burger King with its (26) South Dakota locations, Pizza Ranch with (22) restaurants here in South Dakota, and the hometown fave B&G Milky Way with (6) Sioux Falls locations at this time.

All of those chains are definitely some of South Dakota's fast food faves.

Source: Stacker  

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