We have seen a lot of different things throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but this one might make your shortlist of stupidest things you've seen.

high school baseball team took a maskless
The varsity baseball team at John Burroughs High School in Burbank, CA has been suspended one week as a team and the seniors who appeared in the picture will be suspended for two weeks.

Officials at the school are citing local and state regulations as the reason for the suspension but once again we are ignoring nuance in life and plunging full ahead with a rigid mentality that is way out of bounds.

What are we doing here? Punishing kids who have already been punished for no fault of their own in a state that has had some of the most restrictive measures during the pandemic.

These kids have already had their lives turned upside down like so many other high schoolers across the United States and now some overbearing and power-hungry adults are making their lives worse over a picture.

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I assume the photo only took a minute to take and if the adults who enforced the punishment failed to realize, the CDC wouldn't even consider a positive COVID-19 case to be a close contact in this situation.

Furthermore, those at the photoshoot said the players took their masks off for the photos and immediately put them back on.

Parents of the suspended kids are rightfully upset and are taking their complaints to the media.

I have been personally been very careful over the last year even after testing positive for COVID in the Fall but this is beyond ridiculous.

Hopefully, smarter heads prevail and this gets reversed because this shines a bad light on all those involved in making such a horrible decision.

The suspension doesn't apply to the freshman and junior varsity teams who began their practice last week.

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