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Much like the races for the top seed in each National Football League conference, the battle to be the 2021 NFL MVP is shaping up to be one of the best in recent memory.

After Green Bay held off Arizona in the most recent Thursday Night Football encounter, there are now five one-loss teams in the NFC heading into Halloween, which is going to make for an interesting two months for Iowa futures bettors.


Well, there are some very intriguing prices right now from the various Iowa sports books in the race to win the MVP (and to win the Super Bowl, some of the divisions, etc.) These odds will ebb and flow with each game week. Right now, if you are not a quarterback (other than Derrick Henry), you have no chance to win the MVP: nine of the top 10 odds right now play under center, based on the Iowa Gambler’s predictions.

Here are the odds for the top 10 players to win the 2021 NFL MVP heading into Week 8 of the season.

Kyler Murray +350

Dak Prescott +400

Josh Allen +450

Tom Brady +700

Matthew Stafford +800

Aaron Rodgers +1000

Lamar Jackson +1200

Derrick Henry +1600

Justin Herbert +1800

Patrick Mahomes +4000


Murray and the Cardinals picked up their first loss of the season on Thursday Night Football to the Green Bay Packers, which could see Aaron Rodgers’ odds shorten next week.

Right now, though, it is very tough to call which way these odds are going to go over the next two months. Remember, in 2020, Rodgers’ odds did not start dropping until mid-November last season, and then by the time the final few weeks were played, his odds were so short (-1500 to -4000) that a bet on him was not really worth it.

So you have to pick the sweet spot, Iowans: you need to be ahead of the curve, on the candidate that is going to lead his team to one of the best records, and put up massive numbers.

While Arizona lost at home to fall to 7-1, the Cards are still the story of the first half, and much of that is down to Murray. With J.J. Watt out for the year, it might mean bigger numbers for the QB in the coming games weeks.

But do not sleep on Dak Prescott or Tom Brady: both of them are going to be division winners, and both will put up massive numbers down the stretch in what is becoming an epic home field advantage race in the NFC. Remember, only the top seed in each conference gets a first round bye.

Who would I take right now? I would probably spread some money around on Murray, Prescott, and Brady, and maybe a little bit more on Derrick Henry, especially if he gets near to 2,000 yards again.

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