I've seen a lot of headlines coming out of the Twin Cities regarding the health and progression of Teddy Bridgewater. I also have heard a lot of fans talking about how well Bridgewater has progress to this point after his injury.

My question for Vikings fans is this, why do you even care?

At this point wouldn't you rather have Bradford with the ball in his hands than Bridgewater? Your team just gave up a first rounder for Bradford, don't you want to move forward with him?

This is plain and simple people..

Bradford last season compared to Bridgewater's first two seasons was more accurate, threw more touchdowns and threw for more yards. Now those are just numbers but Bradford also has a much stronger arm and just makes better decisions with the football.

Last season Bradford threw 3,877 yards, 20 touchdowns, with a completion rating of 71.6 and only 5 interceptions in 15 games. Game managing numbers to say the least, but better than Bridgewater was in two years and now that the Vikings got more weapons, it could be an above average year for Bradford.

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