Monday night concerts are fun ways to kick-off the new work week. However, one Monday night show that took place at the Washington Pavilion stood out from previous shows. This American rock-country group made its Sioux Falls debut.

The American band Wilco is currently on the road for the group's "Cruel Country Tour." This tour is pretty massive. In total, Wilco is playing in 45 cities doing 58 shows. Sioux Falls was one of these cities!

I was not kidding when I said I will be attending a lot of concerts this week. In fact, I went to this exciting show with my dad. This was his first Sioux Falls concert. Not only did he come to visit me, but he also really likes Wilco.

Wilco is known for its rock-country music with songs that include "You and I," "Jesus, Etc.," "California Stars," and "Impossible Germany." The group's new album Cruel Country plays new, original country songs with a twist. This is the Chicago group's 12th studio album.

If you missed Wilco at the Washington Pavilion, here are some pictures and videos from the night.

Wilco in Sioux Falls

This band out of Minnesota opened the show for Wilco. They sound really good!

Fans were excited to see Wilco in the Sioux Empire for the first time!

The group performed the title track of their album, "Cruel Country." This was one of the first songs of the night.

"How to Fight the Loneliness" is from Wilco's "summerteeth" album. This was clearly one of the songs the audience was hoping to hear.

Coming from Chicago, this is one of my favorite songs from Wilco. Wilco is also from Chicago. So I like to think of this song as a love letter to the city from the group. It's a great song from the "summerteeth" album.

Lead singer Jeff Tweedy was really excited to be in a new city. We were happy to have him and the band!

"Jesus, Etc." was probably the first Wilco song that my dad played for me. It's still one of my favorites.

I was really hoping they play this song. It's from the "Sky Blue Sky" album. The best part of this song for me is the epic guitar solo!

Here's just part of the guitar solo from "Impossible Germany." Seriously, this guitar shreds.

My dad was singing a lot during this concert. When "California Stars" started, all beats were off. My dad was singing at the top of his lungs.

Wilco in Sioux Falls

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