Even the fittest runners would have difficulty with this one. Drinking a beer before you run a race. No problem, right? Hmmm!

Now, drink a beer after each lap around a track during a one-mile race. All without throwing up.

At the World Beer Mile Classic held this week in Leuven, Belgium competitors from around the world were chugging suds and then running 400 meters only to suck down another can of beer. Repeat and repeat.

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In an article published by Women's Running, the annual event was part of Octoberfest in Munich. And the rules are simple. Make sure the beer in each can is fully finished. And, each beer must be completed within the 9-meter “chug zone.”

Not sure about you, but if I slammed down a can of beer, and ran out to the mailbox and back, I'd be hurling for the rest of the day.

By the way, America's best hope for the women's competition was Elizabeth Laseter. I say was because she was disqualified for appearing to step outside of the “chug zone” before she had finished drinking a beer at the start of her fourth lap.

The U.S. women won the team title while the British beer swiggers took the men’s team championship.

So what kind of beer did the runners suck down for this crazy race? All runners were listed as drinking Juliper beer, a pale Belgian lager with 5.2 percent ABV, the country’s best-selling beer.

Think you got what it takes? The 2023 World Beer Mile Classic will be held next fall in Chicago, Illinois, and runners will be allowed to use bottles. Better start training.

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