About the time I was coming to work on Thursday morning the second of two ATM burglaries was in progress. According to Sioux Falls Police, the first happened near 41st Street and Sycamore Avenue. The second, just before 5:00 AM at the intersection of S. Louise Avenue & 43rd Street.

As Dakota News Now reports, it's believed that two men wearing masks were involved in both burglaries. And at both locations stolen trucks were involved.

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The burglars are partial to Fords. A stolen F-350 was used in the first while an F-250 was used in the second. That's some heavy duty torque used along with a chain to extract the safes after breaking into the ATM's.

Check-list for stealing an ATM:

1-Boost a truck
2-Know how to break into ATM
3-Hook heavy chain to truck and around safe
4-Put truck in Drive and floor-it
5-Know how to open the safe

Sam Clemens with the Sioux Falls Police Department says, "We believe it's the same people that committed both thefts." Investigators are analyzing that footage from surveillance cameras.

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