Minnesota is known for being “Minnesota Nice”. Things have to go pretty far south before a true Minnesotan brings out the “big swears”.

You know the “big swears”. Like the ones those heathens in Wisconsin use when the Packers puke.

You know how your mom always told you that "if you don't have something nice to say, just shut your pie hole?" (maybe that was just my mom?)

Angry Mom-Getty Thinkstock
Angry Mom-Getty Thinkstock

But sometimes you are overcome with the emotion of the moment.

what words to folks in lake country use when they are confronted with adversity and maybe the younguns' are around?

9 Cuss Words Real Minnesota's Use Even In Front Of Kids-Getty Thinkstock
9 Cuss Words Real Minnesota's Use Even In Front Of Kids-Getty Thinkstock

Here are the 9 Cuss Words/Phrases Real Minnesotans Use Even In Front Of Kids...

Gosh, Darn it! Example: “Gosh Darn It! That Walleye got off da hook! He was a nice one!”

Jeez, Louise! Example: “Jeez Louise! Can ya believe the price of dem cheese curds!?”

Holy Buckets! Example: “Holy Buckets, Margret! We aren't made of money!”

Dang, it! Example: “Dang It! We're out of Grain Belt!”

Oh Cripes! Example: “Oh Cripes! Did we leave the hotdish at home on the counter?!

Cheese Head! Example: “Stupid Cheese Head! Ya kiss yer mom with that mouth!?”

Fer Pete's Sake! Example: “Fer Pete's Sake! That was my last Bottom Bouncer and Lindy Rig!”

Holy Cow! Example: “Holy Cow! That swimsuit is barely large enough to be called a garment!”

Aww...Cheese and Rice! Example: “Cheese and Rice! Slow down! Brainerd ain't goin' nowhere!”

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