There is just a little over a week left of the regular season for Sioux Falls teams and the final stretch for all of them will be pivotal.

Each team in Sioux Falls has a minimum of two and a maximum of four games remaining on their regular season schedules. Each team still has the potential to help out their seed positions as they head towards the round of 16.

Here's what we can tell you. All Sioux Falls teams will make the new round of 16 and have the chance to go to the state tournament. The schedule that each team played has given them the advantage and almost the guarantee in.

The seed point procedures from prior years is still being used even with the change to the round of 16. Teams are awarded points based on wins/losses against opponents wins/losses on a graded scale. That number is then divided by the number of games played to get to total seed points. If it sounds confusing, it is. The end of the season standings are difficult to exactly pinpoint because of the amount of games played and the different teams faced.

That all being said, here's a look at where each school stands as we approach the end of the regular season.



The Patriots have two games remaining in their schedule and an outside chance to capture the top seed from Aberdeen Central. Lincoln will need to win the remaining games on their schedule and hope for Aberdeen Central to lose a minimum of two of their three remaining (with one of those losses needing to be Watertown). Even if that scenario doesn't play out, Lincoln will more-than-likely be the 2nd seed but at the very worst a 3rd seed.

Remaining Games: vs. Marshall, MN (Feb. 17), @ Harrisburg (Feb. 22)


Lincoln has been one of the favorites all season long in our South Dakota Prep Media Basketball poll and for good reason. They started the season very strong, but suffered a three game losing streak in the middle of their schedule. They have since rebounded from that outside of a one-point loss to Rapid City Stevens last weekend.

Ahead for Lincoln includes vs. O'Gorman (Feb. 17), vs. Harrisburg (Feb. 23), and @ Roosevelt (Feb. 27). Winning out could propel them into the 3rd seed of the round of 16 as Harrisburg is ahead of them. This meeting would be the only one of the season between the two teams and that win could move them forward. They could jump as high as the 3rd seed, but fall as low as the 5th seed at this point.



There is a gigantic divide for Class AA girls this season in the standings and O'Gorman will host a round of 16 game. Six teams total in Class AA girls are above .500 with one week remaining. O'Gorman still has a big game against Harrisburg coming up on Tuesday, February 20. Highest seed appears to be the fourth spot, with the lowest being the sixth.

Remaining Games: vs. Mitchell (Feb. 17), @ Harrisburg (Feb. 20), vs. Washington (Feb. 23)


O'Gorman is currently sitting in the 10th spot in the Class AA standings but has a lot to play for in their final two games. They will play at Lincoln on Saturday (Feb. 17) and then host Washington next Friday (Feb. 23). Two wins against city-rivals could potentially move them into the top-eight which would grant a home game.

Standing in their way is a Douglas team that has played a majority of their games against Class A schools (which is a debate for another day), and Aberdeen Central. O'Gorman never had the chance to play either school so it will come down to strength of schedule. Their highest position seems to be the 8th seed, but O'Gorman won't fall any lower than their current position.



It's been a tough season for David Maxwell and the Roosevelt Rough Riders. They are a very young team that has faced a few setbacks. What they do have though is upcoming talent and they could still surprise a few people and possibly sneak into the state tournament if they get the right matchup.

The Rough Riders will be in the round of 16, however they are guaranteed to be in the bottom eight with a 4-13 overall record heading into the final week of the regular season. Currently they are the 14th seed and they won't fall any lower than that with wins over Yankton (15th seed) and Watertown (16th seed). Ahead of them are two teams that they haven't played this season in Spearfish and Mitchell.

Three games remain on the regular season schedule for Roosevelt and if they're able to find a couple of wins they could potentially position themselves as high as the 11th seed. It would take a lot of work, but it is possible.

Remaining Games: vs. Washington (Feb. 17), @ Marshall, MN (Feb. 20), vs. Brookings (Feb. 24)


This has been a great season and turnaround for Mitch Begeman and the Rough Riders. After going 0-20 during the regular season last year and finishing 1-22, Roosevelt has bounced back this year and is currently 7-9 and 11th in the standings.

The Rough Riders (40.938) have a very slight advantage over Sturgis Brown (40.933) in the seed points. They also have the most games remaining with four to be played within 10 days, but luckily for them they are all at home.

The team has a very slight chance to jump up, and by slim it's legitimately very slim. O'Gorman, who is seeded one spot above them, has defeated Roosevelt twice during the regular season that would make it extremely difficult for Roosevelt to jump up. One win for O'Gorman essentially seals the fact that Roosevelt would be behind them. It would take O'Gorman to completely lose out and for Roosevelt to win out, plus a little extra help.

More likely is their chance to maintain their position. They have the schedule advantage over Sturgis Brown, but they need to for sure defeat Brookings (3-14) and pick up a win over Washington/Marshall. Roosevelt will be going on the road for the round of 16 with their ceiling being around the 11th seed and the bottom being the 12th.

Remaining Schedule: vs. Washington (Feb. 17), vs. Marshall, MN (Feb. 20), vs. Brookings (Feb. 23). vs. Lincoln (Feb. 27).



Jamie Parish and the Warriors have rebounded from a 1-8 start to being 7-10 overall. Washington is currently situated as the 7th seed and has the advantage over the two teams that sit behind them. Their schedule favors them over Brookings and they have a head-to-head win over Rapid City Central.

Washington can guarantee a round of 16 home game with a win over Roosevelt. Their chances of jumping up a seed appear to be fairly low with Harrisburg almost a full seed point ahead of them. Chances are they'll stay at the 7th seed, but won't fall any lower than an eight.

Remaining Games: @ Roosevelt (Feb. 17), @ O'Gorman (Feb. 23)


The Warrior boys had a hiccup when it came to their offense in a game against Yankton last week. Take that out of the equation and the Warriors are rolling as a team. Washington has two city-rivalry games left against Roosevelt and O'Gorman, and they have the opportunity to jump their other rival Lincoln in the seed point standings.

Washington is currently the 5th seed in the standings and are behind Lincoln. With the split of the regular season series, it at least opens the door for Washington to get ahead. It would take a few key factors such as a O'Gorman/Roosevelt victory over Lincoln and for Washington to win out. But, if you're a Warriors fan, at least that window is a little open.

Washington will host a round of 16 game as it doesn't appear that they can fall out of the top-eight no matter the final outcome of their games. Better yet, the lowest it appears Washington could fall if they lose out is just one spot with Yankton jumping over them. Either way, they look like they'll more than likely sit as the 5th or 6th seed.

Remaining Games: @ Roosevelt (Feb. 17), @ Washington (Feb. 23).

The regular season for all teams ends on February 27 with the round of 16 taking place on March 2 and March 3.

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