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When the word 'best' applies to food my taste buds do a happy dance. Best burger, best pasta primavera, best grilled salmon, best prime rib. I could go on and on.

The best bagel isn't hard to choose, in my opinion. If you're in Sioux Falls, South Dakota there are two locations for Bagel Boy. One at 2505 South Minnesota Avenue.

South Dakota Bagels



And, the east side Bagel Boy location at 3200 E 26th Street.

Recently Tasting Table compiled online reviews of The Best Bagel Shops In Every State. Bagel Boy was the overall favorite here in the Rushmore State.

Do you remember when Bagel Boy opened in Sioux Falls? The lines were out the door! And, if you were lucky enough to get there early they still had plenty of honey walnut spread. I always liked the pumpernickel bagel with the cucumber dill and veggie smear.

Minnesota Bagels

Next door in Minnesota St. Paul Bagelry tops the hole-in-the-center scene where they feature 17 different bagel flavors. And, just as many cream cheeses to choose from. The St Paul Bagelry is a woman owned, family run business.

Iowa Bagels

For those in Iowa they take a fancy to with what you would think a New York store would be named - 5 Borough Bagels. The shop has three locations in Iowa. New York style bagels and blended cream cheese. Wow, what a sandwich!

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