Spring officially begins this Sunday, (March 20). Along with spring, we get the return of warmer weather and the return of our old friend road construction season.

When it comes to the topic of road construction, one of the biggest projects Sioux Falls has seen in years is about to get underway. The long-awaited, and much-talked-about diverging diamond project at the I-29 and 41st Street intersection.

Yep, the granddaddy of road congestion is finally set to begin on the state's busiest street.

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The price tag alone on the diverging diamond project is about 44 million dollars, and it will have a major impact on commercial and residential traffic flow in the city for a couple of years while work is underway.

How will the diverging diamond construction affect your daily commute?

According to Dakota News Now, the stretch of road in that area will remain open throughout the project, however, traffic flow will be down to a single lane in each direction, along with a turn lane.

City engineers HIGHLY recommend that drivers look for alternate routes to use while construction is being done to help improve commute times and cut down on your frustration levels.

What other choices will Sioux Falls drivers have?

Sioux Falls City Engineer Andy Berg told Dakota News Now, using 26th Street, and 57th Street are probably two of the best options to help improve your overall commute times.

As Dakota News Now reports, once the diverging diamond project is complete, it will completely transform traffic flow on 41st Street in that area.

What is a diverging diamond interchange? 

Sioux Falls Diverging Diamond Interchange
Dakota News Now (with permission)


The diverging diamond design is highly unique and is rapidly becoming the emerging interchange design being implemented in the country at this time. Not to mention I think they look pretty damn cool as well.

Sioux Falls Diverging Diamond Interchange
Dakota News Now (with permission)

Residents wanting to learn more about this major construction project, are encouraged to attend an open house being held today (March 17) from 4:00 to 7:00 PM in the Empire Mall. Those attending should enter the mall at the JC Penny and Red Robin entrance.

During the public meeting, city officials will walk the public through the various phases of the project and help answer any questions they may have. You will also be able to take a look at an enlarged image of what the intersection will look like, and see a piece of animation that will illustrate traffic flow once the interchange is complete.

When will the project begin and end?

Dakota News Now is reporting if the weather continues to cooperate, the project should get underway in late March or early April. It will take nearly two years to complete.

So be prepared to put on your patience pants, (hopefully, you own some?) because you're gonna need em' when traveling west 41st Street the next couple of years.

Source: Dakota News Now


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