Keegan Van Edgom is the senior running back for the Sioux Falls Christian Chargers. The Chargers are currently undefeated on the season with Van Edgom being an integral part of the success.

Van Edgom explained that his time at Sioux Falls Christian has been a great one and he has learned a lot while playing football. A humble and noble individual that Van Edgom is, he was quick to give praise to his teammates and coaches.

" I couldn't do what I do without the help of my coaches and teammates. The offensive line continually creates big gaps for me to run through," Van Edgom explains. "Coach Pettengill has a great football mind and he has taken this team to new heights each and every year," states Van Edgom.

Indeed fourth year coach Jake Pettengill has been extremely beneficial to this Chargers team doubling the win total each new season and Van Edgom has been a big part of that.

Van Edgom loves the team aspect that comes with playing football. It is a very important part of attitude towards the game of football and the game of life. One could say that the mantra for Van Edgom and the Chargers would be do do everything as one.

"With everything that we do we want to do it together as a united team," describes Van Edgom.

As for the futre for Van Edgem, the world is his playground and the possibilities are wide open. For the time being Van Edgem wants to focus on the season and continue to improve his game and the game of his team.

"Right now I'm just focused on helping my team be successful and continue to improve," said Van Edgem.

The Sioux Falls Christian Chargers look to continue on their hot start after defeating Beresford last week while witnessing Van Edgom pile on to his already impressive early season numbers for a total of 604 yards, 6 touchdowns, accounting for just over 37% of the scoring offense. Edgom and the Chargers will be back in action this Friday as they take on Sioux Valley.

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