Sitting down and gathering all the needed numbers for your monthly family budget can be nauseating these days. Over the last year, South Dakota workers are in the same boat as many Americans who are faced with the cost of living.

South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa Annual Incomes

When prioritizing your budget with the essentials each month, the items that are most likely at the top of your list include putting food on the table and keeping the lights on. Your grocery budget has gone through the roof. Utilities have shot up. Then, you add in a mortgage, health care, and transportation.

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Little by little the cost of living continues to balloon. And, at the end of the month where does that leave us?

Where Does South Dakota Rank

The median annual wage for workers in South Dakota for 2023 was $43,680, as provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Minnesota - $50,880
Iowa - $46,460
North Dakota - $48,830
Nebraska - $46,440

Cost of Living: South Dakota #17 

Here's a break-down of cost of living for the upper plains:




Look at Massachusetts topping the rankings with the highest median wage of $60,690 for individual workers. The lowest median wages in the country are coming in to Mississippi homes at $37,500.

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