The Minnesota Vikings beat up on the Nomadic Raiders 34-14 on Sunday at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. But I'm not getting excited about that.

The defense was awesome again. It seemed like Derek Carr was on his heels all day.  The Raiders couldn't really move the ball with any efficiency.

Dalvin Cook, if he can stay out of the infirmary, could be the MVP this year. That dude runs like a faster version of Adrian Peterson, with a less punishment doled out to defenders. And Cook's backup, Alexander Mattison, appears to have the ability to start if Cook does go down.

But Fumble Cousins was the difference in this game. It is cliche to say that quarterbacks make all the difference. But when you have a team like the Vikings, with a stud of a running back, solid receivers, and a defense that no one wants to play, the only guy who can screw it up is the quarterback.

So, yay, Skol, hooray, the Vikings won. Neat. The Raiders aren't a real contender and didn't have a defense that could really get heat on him. Put him up against the Packers again, he'll melt like a Twin Cities snowman in a freak February spring-like day. But if Fumble gets injured, I might get excited.

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