It was a big season for Minnesota Mankato athletics.

Not only did the Men's and Women's basketball programs both just win national titles in the same season, but the accolades are also rolling in.

Mankato Men's Coach Matt Margenthaler has been named as the DII Coach of the Year for his efforts in leading the Mavericks to the title this season.

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Margenthaler guided the Mavericks to a 35-2 record as Minnesota State defeated Nova Southeastern 88-85 to win its first NCAA Division II Championship. Earlier this season, the Mavericks captured their fifth NSIC regular season championship and third NSIC Tournament championship.

This is the first time that Margenthaler has been named the NABC DII Coach of the Year. Earlier this season, he earned his fourth NSIC Coach of the Year award. He was also named the NABC Central Region Coach of the Year.

It's a huge deal for a Coach that has some history and roots right next door here in South Dakota.

Margenthaler spent six seasons in Brookings early in his coaching career as an assistant to then head basketball Coach Scott Nagy. He was with the program from 1996 to 2001.

He's been guiding the Maverick program ever since, and just had his finest season at the helm. The 35 wins are the most in his tenure as Head Coach, and it marks the 21st winning season during his 23-year tenure in Mankato.


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