The SDSU Equestrian team was in Waco, Texas at the time of the explosion at a fertilizer plant in the small town of West, Texas.

South Dakota State University Senior Associate Athletics Director Leon Costello confirmed that team was staying in a north Waco, Texas hotel.

"We reached out to them and made contact with them. They are fine," said Costello.

The hotel where the team was staying is located 16 miles from the blast.

"The hotel is right along the interstate so they heard sirens all night long," continued Costello.

Through social media the students were able to make contact with friends and family to let them know they were okay.

The blast was felt up to 15 miles away, according to reports, and heard as far away as Dallas, 75 miles away.

The team is in Waco to compete at TCU, for a Hunt Seat  in the NCEA National Championships.

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