South Dakota is once again making the national news. A few months ago, the South Dakota Department of Corrections made headlines due to the department's mistreatment of its officers. Grievances include claims of long hours, underpaid employees, and extensive overtime responsibilities. Now, there is a tweet from the South Dakota Correctional Officers that just magnifies these on-going issues.

This tweet is literally the icing on the cake for the frustrated correctional officers. Apparently, there is a hiring flyer from the Sioux Falls Culver's that indicates the salary, health benefits, vacation time, and hours future Culver’s employees can expect.  While this all seems great, it also shares a hiring flyer for anyone interested in becoming a correctional officer. To put it lightly, this tweet does not make the South Dakota Department of Corrections look employer friendly.

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The flyer advertises that the South Dakota Department of Corrections was hosting a hiring event for Correctional Officer positions for the Mike Durfee State Prison and the Yankton Community Work Center.

The tweet from the South Dakota Correctional Officers' twitter page compares the two hiring flyers, and the differences are rather obvious. The biggest difference? The starting salary between the two potential employers.…

  • Starting pay for Sioux Falls Culver's employees is $18.00 an hour. Correctional Officers starting pay is...$17.89 an hour.

Sioux Falls Culver's is also offering health insurance with $1,000/$2,000 deductible plans. While the South Dakota Department of Corrections does offer employer paid health insurance, the tweet indicates Culver’s provides better health benefits. The South Dakota Department of Corrections also offers 3-weeks of paid vacation which is only one week more than what the Sioux Falls Culver's is offering.

Some people are commenting below the tweet and the reviews are pretty mixed:

Regardless of the outcome, this tweet from the South Dakota Correctional Officers comparing the employee benefits of the department and Culver’s is certainly raising some eyebrows.


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