The Final Four is quickly approaching and I can't wait to attend in Minneapolis this year.

I have been to a lot of great events over the years from All Star Games to Super Bowls to Playoff games but for me, the Final Four is the best.

The combination of four teams, two games on Saturday and a championship game on Monday and a stadium full of passionate fans adds up to a memorable time for all involved.

Over the years we have been lucky to see some amazing moments in the Final Four and I hope we are treated to some more at US Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

Here is my Top 5 list all time of Final Four moments in the history of the game.

1.  I wasn't alive for the NC State run to a National Title, but knowing the history with Jim Valvano and the amazing hurdles they had to overcome to win, it elevates them to #1 on my list.

2.  Kris Jenkins of Villanova capped off a crazy final minute to win the National Title in 2016.

3.  In 1991, Duke became Duke. They beat UNLV and then beat Kansas to win the title.

4. Memphis missed free throws and Kansas capitalized to win a National Championship in 2008.

5.  As a Michigan fan it pains me to put this in my top five, but when you think of memorable moments in the Final Four, you absolutely think about Chris Weber calling a timeout when Michigan didn't have any timeouts left.


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