High School sports teams usually get their team photo in the yearbook. But a trapshooting team in Minnesota will not have their pictures in their book because the students are holding guns and some parents are upset.

According to twincities.com, the Big Lake High School trapshooting team found out yesterday (Wednesday) that the team picture won’t be included in the yearbook because it’s against school policy to show firearms in photos.

The athletic director has offered to have a team picture taken for the yearbook, but without the guns. Some parents say that its no different than having a baseball players picture with a bat, football player with a helmet, etc. Parents are planning on meeting with the school board today. The deadline is on Monday May 1, 2017. According to The South Dakota State High School Clay Target League, schools are strongly encouraged to include the trap team in the school's yearbook as a sport or activity.

Should the school let the kids hold the guns for their high school photo?

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