Over 100 Macy's stores are expected to close this year while 2,000 more jobs will be slashed as the department store chain confirmed a new round of store closures.

What a way to say Happy New Year: "Welcome to 2022. By the way, you'll need to look for another job real soon."

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MORE: Sioux Falls’ Bed, Bath, and Beyond Spared From Mass Store Closings

In a matter of a few weeks, hundreds of Macy's employees will be getting their pink slips due to 125 stores shutting their doors.

Is the Sioux Falls Macy's on the closings list for 2022?

The Sioux Falls store is NOT on the list of closures.

The three-year plan pre-dates the coronavirus pandemic. According to Business Insider, Macy's restructuring plans began in early 2020.

Surprisingly enough, the big-box department store chain is set to open 400 small Toys R Us shops this year in its stores.

Sources say with the rise in COVID-19 cases Macy's is temporarily revising store hours for the rest of January at all of its stores.


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