It's a much different season for Class AA girls basketball in Sioux Falls as only seven seniors are on varsity rosters.

There are over 6700 total students within the four high schools in Sioux Falls. It's kind of hard to believe that only seven would be on a varsity rosters for Class AA girls basketball in the city. That is the case for this 2017-2018 season.

Sure, each team has gone through a scenario like this before when it comes to rosters. Roster turnover is a yearly deal for everyone. We just haven't seen it to where all four Sioux Falls schools are roughly in the same boat in the same year.

Washington has the most seniors on their roster with four. Lincoln, Roosevelt, and O'Gorman only have one each. All seven seniors in Sioux Falls start for their respective teams.

  • LHS - Courtney Klatt
  • O'G - McKenzie Hermanson
  • RHS - Madisyn Waltman
  • WHS - Jada Cunningham
  • WHS - Taylor VanderVelde
  • WHS - Aubrey Miedema
  • WHS - Oliva Gasca

It is a year of development for Sioux Falls schools. With the lack of seniors, there has been plenty of opportunity for those in the junior and sophomore class.

Out of the 20 starters between the four schools, there are just as many sophomores that start as there are seniors. The other six starters are juniors this season.

Opportunities have also opened for those that are freshmen this year. Six total freshmen are on varsity basketball rosters. While Washington has the most seniors in town, they also have the most amount of freshmen on their varsity roster (4). O'Gorman's Isabelle Moore and Raegen Riley see playing time for the Knights as freshmen.

There's a lot of room for growth for all the teams in the Sioux Empire, but for those that are seniors this season they can relish with the idea that they're a part of a small, select group.

The rest of this season will continue to be a rollercoaster ride for each of the teams as they battle towards the postseason. But no matter the outcome this season, we know for sure that the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 seasons in Sioux Falls will be ultra competitive as the underclassmen continue to develop.

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