Drill a hole, catch the biggest and take home the cash. All for spending a day on the ice. This must be Ice Fish Fest!

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Yep, your big payday is coming soon during the 2022 Ice Fish Fest at Catfish Bay Water Ski Park in Sioux Falls on Saturday, January 29.

Something that may be on your bucket list and right in your backyard, ice fishing is a blast with over $25,000 in total cash and prizes. And, this is an even the enter family will enjoy!

The 2022 Ice Fish Fest at Catfish Bay in Sioux Falls is Saturday, January 29.

This is one of the largest ice fishing tournaments around where the lake is stocked with walleye, bass, bluegill, and crappy. Last year there were over 1,000 fish caught.

All the fishing holes will be pre-drilled and you don't need a fishing license to fish. Make sure you register and bring all of the warm clothing you own and a fishing pole.

And, there is some really big fish under the ice this year. $5,000 will go to the person catching the biggest fish.

If you need a snack concessions will be on site.

The gates will open at 10:30 AM and you can drop your line beginning at 1:00 PM.

All proceeds help raise money for the volunteer Catfish Bay Water Ski Team and Camp OnAqua.


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