There is no doubt that we like our cows here in South Dakota. Preferably on a plate, and in just about any form. May is Beef Month.

Steak lovers of all calibers will stand in front of the butcher counter and salivate while waiting for the best cut to appear. From a New York Strip to Ribeye, and Flat Iron to Sirloin. It has to have just the right amount of marbling and thickness to pass the 'Just Right' cut.

I just don't understand why Beef Month should be limited to one month. Really? Celebrate one of our state's best features all year long.

Take a 4# Chuck and cram it in a roaster with potatoes, carrots, onions, and a few shakes of S/P. We call this a pot roast. And if grandma taught you anything while spending time in the kitchen it was to make Grandma Gravy. (see recipe below)

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Sioux Falls has its Burger Battle in January. In July we fire up the grill with fireworks. Labor Day is a three-day marathon of grilling burgers, steaks, and kabobs.

Just take a look at what the South Dakota Beef Industry Council offers.

Okay, are you ready for Grandma's Gravy recipe? This is what you need to do after you put the roast in the oven. You will need equal parts softened butter and flour. Combine both in a small bowl and mix with a fork until you have a thick paste. Divide into pieces and place in the freezer.

Then, after you have removed everything from the roaster when your pot roast is done to your liking, reserve all the liquid providing you added some beef stock in the beginning.

Set the roaster on the stovetop over a medium-high temp. When the liquid begins to steam, whisk in several frozen butter/flour mixture pieces. Constant whisking is required. Depending on how thick you like your gravy will determine how much of the mixture to use. Viola.


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