Surprisingly, many drivers are oblivious to South Dakota's Move Over Laws. And, they have no idea what to do or what the consequences are for failing to slow down or move over when they come upon a parked vehicle on the shoulder of the road.

Giving a roadside worker, first responder, or disabled vehicle the respect they deserve has come under scrutiny by AAA South Dakota.

According to a recent release, some drivers may not fully grasp the danger they pose to roadside workers, a particularly alarming finding given the recent deaths of two AAA drivers killed in 2021, along with dozens of other first responders working at the roadside.

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If you are a frequent commuter on highways throughout the state, you can't help but notice the signs.

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What is the law in South Dakota?

  • Stop when coming from any direction and approaching any stopped authorized emergency vehicle using red visual signals/lights
  • Move over and slow down when passing any vehicle displaying amber or yellow flashing signals/lights

AAA South Dakota points out that nearly a quarter of those surveyed (23%) are unaware of the Move Over law in the state where they live.

Move Over laws vary among states, and in South Dakota, if you fail to move over or reduce speed, depending on the situation, it could mean a heavy fine.


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