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Goat Yoga at Glean for Good

Let me explain.

Goat Yoga is precisely what it sounds like. A yoga class with goats.

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Let me explain.

Goat Yoga is precisely what it sounds like. A yoga class with goats.


Glean for Good is a hobby farm started by Beth Jensen and her family.

Garretson is a town just outside of Sioux Falls where you can do Goat Yoga at the farm, Glean for Good.

Beth Jensen and her husband both work in healthcare and believe that healthy, sustainable living should be more available. In 2011, they moved to a 14-acre farm and started living a more sustainable lifestyle that they intend to share. They adopted animals for eggs, wool, and to eat some of the human food waste.

Glean for Good has the motto: "Those with abundance have no extra and those with little have enough."

With that in mind, Glean for Good hosts farm-to-table events, Summer day camps, and classes. They do outreach to schools and after-school programs.

Beth Jensen has high hopes for Glean for Good, "Our five-year plan includes a 2-acre edible park or food forest that allows anyone to glean food- but also authentically connect with our neighbors."

Speaking of neighbors, Beth was in a Facebook community group for Garretson when neighbors down the road had an odd request. Those neighbors were Clark and Nikki Highby. They are both yoga instructors and they were looking for goats!

Beth had goats, Clark and Nikki had the yoga know-how, thus Goat Yoga was born.

So far there have been two Goat Yoga classes. Beth says it's going well, "Our first two classes have turned out a diverse group of ages and backgrounds from all over the Sioux Falls area and beyond. We plan to offer classes every Thursday from 7-8 pm as long as weather permits."

Goat Yoga is $10 a class.

For more information about Glean for Good, click here.

Thanks to Beth Jensen for all the cute goat pics!

Goat Yoga at Glean for Good







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