It's always exciting when you're traveling to a new state. You experience new cities, food, and attractions for the first time. Unfortunately, some travelers do not think that some cities are all that great. A recent article even describes 40 cities in the United States that are simply the worst to visit.

Mind Your Dollars website says these cities are not so "stellar" or not totally "beautiful." A lot of bigger cities made the list like Las Vegas and Houston. South Dakota town made this list.

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The staff of Mind Your Dollars seems to believe that one of the worst towns to visit in the country is...Mitchell, South Dakota. Quite possibly these people haven't actually been to the town that's home to the World's Only Corn Palace!

The Mind Your Dollars article explains that it’s more advantageous for people to see the World's Only Corn Palace from the comfort of their own homes. Apparently, there is a live stream video that allows “tourists” to view this South Dakota landmark. It's rightfully called the Corn Cam.

I know some out of state residents like the folks from Mind Your Dollars commonly ridicule this South Dakota gem. However, the World's Only Corn Palace is more than just a building with corn. It celebrates the history of agriculture in South Dakota. This "corny" building brings the state together.

My comment to any individuals reading this story who do not reside in South Dakota is you really shouldn't judge the town of Mitchell or the World's Only Corn Palace until you see it. This attraction is what makes South Dakota so unique.

If you're curious about other towns that made the silly "40 Worst Cities To Visit" list, click here.

Oh...and for the record Mitchell and the World's Only Corn Palace is absolutely awesome!



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