After the world shut down last year due to COVID, this year Halloween was back in action throughout the country. South Dakota especially dressed up for this spooky season.

Halloween costumes like witches, vampires, and clowns haunted the streets around the Sioux Empire. Even South Dakota's First Family got into the Halloween spirit.  From the looks of South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem's personal Twitter account, their costumes really rocked the state!

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South Dakota Governor Noem once again welcomed trick-or-treaters to the Governor's Mansion for delicious Halloween candy. No tricks. Like South Dakota Governors before her, Governor Noem and her family dressed up for the occasion. This year's costume theme for the Governor and her family appeared to be all about legendary musicians.

Ladies and gentlemen...put your hands together for The "Queen and Princess" of Rock and Roll: Elvis Presley with Baby Elvis!

Governor Noem portrayed "The King" Elvis Presley and her granddaughter, Addie was her "Little Elvis." The Governor shared an adorable video of her granddaughter preparing for her big show on her Instagram account. Governor Noem even helped with Addie's hair! What a cute Elvis!


The show did not stop there for the Noem family.  Johnny Cash even made a little appearance...

Governor Noem's husband, Bryon portrayed the iconic "Man in Black." But wait, there's more! Governor Noem's daughter and son-in-law played the parts of country superstars Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson. This was quite the lineup for this star-studded South Dakota Halloween.

Last year, Governor Noem and her family dressed as Presidents. Specifically, the four Presidents featured on Mount Rushmore.

It's always such an entertaining tradition to see how the Governors and their families in South Dakota celebrate Halloween!

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