South Dakota has had some gigantic jackpot winners in the past. From just about every corner of the state, people have raked in some big-time dough. But which scratch-off tickets are the luckiest?

The South Dakota State Lottery Also Generates a TON of Revenue

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According to the South Dakota Lottery, over one hundred million dollars every year are pumped into the state's economy, thanks to the lotto:

Almost 95 cents of every dollar the Lottery earns, goes directly back to South Dakota. Of the $161 million raised last year, more than 45% went to education plus millions more for roads, natural resources, and other good things. Good fun happens every day when you play the South Dakota Lottery. Good fun for South Dakota's schools. Good fun for South Dakota's roads. Good fun for South Dakota's water. You get the idea. The Lottery is good fun for all of South Dakota.

-South Dakota Lottery

So, Which Lottery Tickets Are The Luckiest?

Here is the breakdown from the South Dakota Lottery:

Lotto AmericaW/ All Star Bonus
5 of 5 + ASBJackpot1:25,989,600Doesn't ApplyDoesn't ApplyDoesn't ApplyDoesn't Apply
5 of 5$20,0001:2,887,733$40,000$60,000$80,000$100,000
4 of 5 + ASB$1,0001:110,594$2,000$3,000$4,000$5,000
4 of 5$1001:12,288$200$300$400$500
3 of 5 + ASB$201:2,404$40$60$80$100
3 of 5$51:267$10$15$20$25
2 of 5 + ASB$51:160$10$15$20$25
1 of 5 + ASB$21:29$4$6$8$10
0 of 5 + ASB$21:17$4$6$8$10

Overall odds of winning any prize are 1:9.6

So, there you have it. A 1 in 17 chance isn't too shabby.

To see the list of the biggest jackpot winners in the history of the Mount Rushmore State, check out this article from last lear.

Story Source: South Dakota Lottery


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