Over the past two years, there have been numerous studies about COVID-19 and what we can do to slow the spread of the virus. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think experts would be suggesting to drink more red wine to fight COVID!

So why are we supposed to drink more red wine? This new study from the United Kingdom suggests that drinking more red wine can actually reduce your chances of becoming infected with COVID.

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Naturally, some people are puzzled by the idea of drinking more to stop the COVID-19 virus. Fox 32 News in Chicago reports that people who drink more red wine are less likely to contract COVID. A study published in the scientific journal Frontiers also shows that individuals who occasionally enjoy a glass of white wine or champagne can also reduce their chances of getting COVID.

Now before you run to the liquor store and clear off the shelves, not all alcoholic beverages can battle the COVID-19 virus. This same study explains that people who consume "beer, cider, and spirits in heavy amounts were more likely to become sick." There were over 400,000 participants in this study, and approximately 16,559 of them tested positive for COVID. Beer in general is really not the healthiest adult beverage, especially now that those who drink beers and ciders are essentially at a higher risk for contracting COVID.

As always, you cannot go crazy and overserve yourself. The study recommends that one-two glasses of red and wine white or champagne a week is the perfect amount to fight off a COVID infection. Participants who drank red wine even saw additional health benefits like decreasing blood pressure.

Drink and be merry in moderation my friends! Wine was going to save the day at one point, and that day is today!


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