The birds are doing it again! Yep, the Sioux Falls Canaries are changing their name yet again, but it's only for one night.

On Friday night (July 29), the Canaries will be known as the "Sioux Falls Dudes." As in "The Dude" from the 1998 cult classic movie "The Big Lebowski" starring Jeff Bridges.

It's all part of their "2nd Annual Big Lebowski" night at the Birdcage that will help kick off a six-game homestand that starts when the Kansas City Monarchs come to town.

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What's on deck?

The Dudes will abide. It wouldn't be The Dude's night without some Caucasians to drink, right? Word has it they'll be mock White Russian cocktails on hand. (Just be careful man, there's a beverage here!)

The Dudes will also have special $10.00 tickets for everyone who comes dressed in a robe to the game. (I wonder if you get something extra if you come in carrying a Ralphs card?)

They didn't leave out The Dude's iconic sweater either. Dakota News Now is reporting the entire team will be wearing special “The Dude” jerseys that are the exact same color of the cardigan sweater The Dude wore in the "Big Lebowski."

Fans will also be given an opportunity to buy the jerseys the players wore during the game in a special online auction.

The Dudes didn't forget about the "rug" either. After all, the old man told The Dude to take any rug in the place he wanted. So the team will be raffling off a rug throughout the game that will no doubt tie your room together!

After the game, The Dudes will abide once again by putting on an All-Star Fireworks show that has become a Friday night tradition at the Birdcage.

The Dudes switch back to The Canaries starting on Saturday, as the first 300 fans through the gates that night receive free bobbleheads.

So just take it easy, man, and get in touch with Donny, Jackie Treehorn, and that special Nihilist in your life (if they aren't too exhausted) and meet out at The Birdcage for all the fun tonight and throughout the weekend.

I'm just gonna find a cash machine, Bunny Lebowski is waiting if you know what I mean?


Source: Dakota News Now

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