The Mount Rushmore State has no shortage of bars, saloons, and pubs, but one historic watering hole has been around a lot longer than you might imagine.

Not many bars can boast that they were serving up drinks to the likes of Buffalo Bill Cody, long before South Dakota became a state.

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Where's The Oldest Bar in all of South Dakota?

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

You can find South Dakota's longest-running bar/restaurant in the historic town of Deadwood. The Buffalo Bodega Complex has been going strong since the days of the old west.

Back when it was founded way back in 1877, there were already 17 other saloons in and around Deadwood up and running. Still, natural disasters and other unforeseen occurrences caused the rest to close down over the years.

Why is it called the Buffalo Bodega Complex? Well, it was initially two different bars that eventually merged together. The Buffalo is the oldest, named after the world-famous, Buffalo Bill Cody.

These days, the Buffalo Bodega Complex offers a great menu of food and drinks, along with a full-service casino and DJ and Karaoke every Friday night.

While there, you can bask in the nostalgia of the old west and check out the mock gunfights just outside the door on Main Street, along with bands, parades, and festivals.

Story Source: Buck Magnussen WebsiteBuffalo Bodega Complex


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