For a number of reasons, gas prices are continuing to soar throughout the country. South Dakota is certainly no stranger to the rising prices at the pump.

Just overnight, Sioux Falls gas prices increased another $.20 a gallon. So how high will gas prices climb in South Dakota? What's the national average for gas prices?

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South Dakota AAA is a great resource when it comes to determining gas prices throughout the state and comparing them to neighboring areas. As of Tuesday, May 10th, the national average for a gallon of gas is $4.37. Here in South Dakota, the statewide average is $4.09 a gallon. Any South Dakota driver that uses diesel fuel can pay on average $5.38 a gallon. To offer some perspective on these ever-changing prices, a year ago South Dakota's average price for a gallon of gas was $2.87.

What about the gas prices for South Dakotans that live in the West River part of the state? Rapid City's average gas price is around $4.08 per gallon. Diesel fuel in Rapid City is sitting at $5.44 a gallon.

Despite these surging gas prices in South Dakota, the state is still below the nation’s current average gas price. So what can South Dakotans do to ultimately conserve at the pump? Forbes identifies a couple of helpful hints individuals can implement in their daily routines. Some of these useful tips include:

What can South Dakotans do to save at the pump?

There are a couple of helpful tips to follow that are listed on Forbes. Some of these helpful tips include:

  • Combine your trips
  • Don't carry so much weight in your car.
  • Don't Speed
  • Try to avoid using your air conditioning and roll your windows down.
  •  Make sure the gas cap is secure.
  • Clean or replace your car's air filter.
  • Do some errands on your bike.
  • Carpool with a friend.

You can read more helpful advice on how to save gas by clicking here.


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